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Take Our Kids to SAFE Work

We all have a part to play in taking our kids to work – and bringing them home safely.

Take Our Kids to Work Day is all about giving students practical exposure to workplaces and promoting higher education. At SAFE Work, we believe that an important part of understanding the working world is being aware of workplace safety.

Every workplace has hazards – and the risk of a work related injury is greater for new workers and visitors who may not have received a complete orientation to the workplace hazards and injury prevention. For Take Our Kids to Work Day, there are steps that schools, employers, parents and students should take to ensure kids have a productive, educational and, most importantly, injury-free day in the workplace.

Download our Take Our Kids to Work Day bulletin to learn about your responsibilities.

Check out some of the TOKTW activities put on by Manitoba Hydro!


Young workers represent a significant part of Manitoba’s workforce.

Many are just starting their careers, often in entry-level positions that involve a great deal of physical labour. 

SAFE Manitoba and Manitoba Public Insurance developed An Average Day as a means of raising awareness about safety issues relating specifically to young workers.  

The program’s goal is to make young people think about all aspects of workplace safety include:

  • What safety and training questions to ask a potential employer
  • Having a safe commute to and from work
  • Basic steps to improve safety on a daily basis
  • Rights and responsibilities of young workers, employers and supervisors

To fully engage students, An Average Day includes a facilitator’s guide for classroom learning and a trio of videos that are available for download and also on DVD and VHS.


As a parent, you can help prevent your teenager from being injured on the job by helping them learn how to be SAFE at work.

This resource is also available in the following languages:

If you are looking for or just starting your first job, one of the first things to do is to learn how to protect yourself.

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New workers are an asset to your workplace with fresh eyes, new ideas and good questions to ask. But did you know that every year nearly 5,000 young workers, ages 15 – 24, report injuries to the WCB?

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Watch this video to see what Take Our Kids to SAFE Work is all about!

Are kids who participate in Take our Kids to Work Day covered by workers compensation?
Participants in the Take our Kids to Work (TOKW) day are considered employees of the Province of Manitoba, and coverage is extended to all kids who are participating. TOKW students are entitled to workers compensation should any work related injury occur during the program.

Are employers protected who have kids attending TOKW day?
YES, if the employer has WCB coverage.
TOKW participants are considered employees of the Province of Manitoba, and therefore employers with WCB coverage are protected from lawsuit should any work related injuries be sustained on this day. Employers who do not have WCB coverage are not immune from a lawsuit.
We look forward to participating in this year's TOKW program and know the students and businesses will have added peace of mind knowing they have coverage for this event.